InForm TM Insights MAKE ready to tack the Mt. Baw Baw Alpine Resort Classic

Ready to tackle one of Victoria’s toughest climbs in Gippsland’s East are defending Victorian Road Series (VRS) champions InForm TM Insights MAKE.

The team claimed individual and team honours in the Cycling Victoria VRS in 2018 have set their sights on going back-to-back in 2019.

The Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort Classic is the third event on the series calendar and is an event the team have previously succeeded at.

“Last year we were able to go 1-2 with Liam Garriga and Raphael Freienstein and we’re looking forward to racing the Baw Baw Classic again in 2019,” said InForm MAKE team director Patrick Lane.

“This year we have split the team into two groups that will race each other at all VRS races.

“We have done this to increase the racing opportunities for our riders but also lift the level of competition in these races due to having another team competing. The teams are both pretty evenly matched, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

“Baw Baw is probably the toughest climb our guys race up all year and provides a great opportunity for the boys to showcase their climbing abilities. We have three young climbers in each team and they are very lucky to have the likes of Raph [Freienstein] & Nathan [Elliott] supporting them.”

One of the young riders who will look to learn from National Road Series defending champion Raphael Freienstein will be 17-year-old Patrick Eddy.

Eddy enjoyed national level success in January when he collected two under-19 national titles, winning the road race and time trial in Ballarat.

“There’s lots of banter between the two teams but it also gives us a lot more opportunities to race. Both teams are pretty even, but I’m pretty sure the black team have it in the bag,” quipped the Bendigo junior.

“I’m looking forward to racing in a classy field and getting to the top of the hill (hopefully). Honestly I have no idea what to expect, but I know it won’t be easy!”

Eddy shared the national championship road race podium with his older brother Sam, and the pair will join forces in InForm’s ‘team black’ outfit.

“I always enjoy racing with Sam so I’m excited to start the Baw Baw Classic with him. I haven’t done too many senior events with him, so we’ll see if we can turn our junior success into good results at Baw Baw and the rest of the VRS.”

Entries are  open for the 19th edition of the Baw Baw Classic and close at midnight on Sunday 31st March.

For more information and to enter click here.

InForm TM Insight White

  • Nathan Elliott
  • Mark O’Brien
  • Carter Turnbull
  • Rudy Porter
  • David Williams

InForm TM Insight Black

  • Raphael Freienstein
  • Tom Benton
  • Sam Eddy
  • Patrick Eddy
  • Ben Jones
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Mt. Baw Baw Alpine Resort